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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Science and Tradition

A number of writers, researchers, intellectuals, non-intellectuals are looking for some explanation that will expand our understanding of society. It's true.
Perhaps they are doing it for fame, money, respect, but perhaps they are doing it for other reasons that are personal. I actually can imagine a therapist presenting this explanation. But they are the ones who have ambition necessary to discovering truth and resolution.
I just want to throw some words out in order to visualize the subjects that I am concerned with. Politics, political party, ideology, problems, global, culture, inequality, science, medical, philosophy, family, emotions.
Political parties embody ideology and agendas and supporters and tactics.
Ideology embodies an explanation of the world.
Social problems are the issues that we are concerned with.
Globalization reminds us that we are interconnected.
Culture is a term we use to describe behavior specific to a group.
Inequality is concerned with injustice and justice and power and conflict and opposition.
Science is concerned with truth and methods and reason.
Medical is concerned with health and life and cures.
Philosophy is concerned with logic and reason and issues of humanity.
Family is concerned with a group of people related biologically or through contract that have a deep bond and loyal relationship.
Emotions are related to feelings and reactions to issues.

This word vomit intends to place subjects on paper so that I can visualize them and make sense of them. For example, the family and culture are at times in conflict with reason and therefore in conflict with science and philosophy. and emotions are perhaps related to language and without language emotions can seem unreasonable.
Science would say that family does not have a vital function except for cultural roles. Culture is therefore problematic to the society and political reasonable rational world. Can science and tradition coexist? Perhaps the issue that I can take from this is that we live in a world where tradition and science coexist, where reason and tradition coexist. But are they coexisting? Perhaps they do coexist, but it seems like they are in conflict for those who see the world from a logical, reasonable viewpoint. . . . till next time :)

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