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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I don't want to do my homework. I'll write about the 99%

I just received an E-mail asking me to support Occupy San Jose this Thursday, November 17th. In the email the sender wrote "make the country work for the 99%," and I thought to myself how the hell could the country work for the 99%? And I realized that Wall Street has to be destroyed because it is the heart of corporations. Wall Street acts like a mechanism pumping oxygen or literally cash into corporations provided by investors. Those investors then require corporations to return a profit which is maximized through low-wages and high prices. But corporations could become cooperatively owned... Well that would be hard to maintain considering the size of corporations which probably average 27,000 - a million employees. So I imagined the nation without corporations. A nation of mom and pop shops, and then I realized the presence of competition creates an environment where inequality and corporations are inevitable. So in order to get a nation that works for the 99% we could get rid of corporations, and competition. SIDE NOTE: Competition isn't an intrinsically bad thing, competition in a capitalism is a bad thing. END SIDE NOTE. So we can take control of the means of production allowing everyone access to goods.

If we were to create a society where the means of production were not privately owned, and a society where competitors were not rewarded with power and wealth, we would have to reduce our standards of living. Resources would become scarce. But material possessions are not that important. Material possessions don't make us laugh, they don't make us happy, we don't love them, we don't need them, and we don't want to spend time with them more than we want to spend time with each other.

In order for the country to work for the 99% competition must go, our standards of living must be lowered, and we must work together to create a society that supports one another.

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