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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Might be the Precursor to US Socialism

I feel that there are a few main issues raised by OWS. The first would be the role the government played in the economic collapse. Their role included not regulating the actions of economic actors or financial institutions, and bailing out the banks that were too big to fail. As a result the mantra "money out of politics" and "our government is a plutocracy" have made their place at the forefront of the OWS movement.
The second issue would be the ubiquity of wealth inequality and social inequality -- wealth inequality referring to the income disparity in the US, and social inequality referring to the discrepancy of life opportunities between the wealthy and the poor.

I believe that these two issues, if addressed adequately, can only lead to socialist-like public policy.

I am not saying that the OWS movement will turn the US into a socialist state

, I believe that we are far from that day. However I do believe that the issues raised by OWS, and the solutions to the problems will lead to a socialist atmosphere that may be the precursor to a futuristic socialist society.

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