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Saturday, December 24, 2011

1. Branding the Constitution with Capitalism and Minarchism.

Libertarians and Republicans argue that the constitution and minarchism are directly connected. However, I think that they have made a misassociation and as a result have fabricated a mainstream misunderstanding of what the constitution states. The constitution claims that democracy should be defended, not minarchism and more bluntly neoliberalism.
Their incessant use of the words 'socialism' and 'unconstitutional' are successful because they have associated the constitution with capitalism, minarchism, and neoliberalism. However, for the sake of argument, based on the constitution, the country could become a communist state through democracy, or any political system. It is valid to point out that democracy and capitalism are not defended by the constitution, and that only democracy is.

To be continued...


  1. "0:47:56: "[with his reelection] business decided to fight back -- to regain power in America. At the heart of the battle would be Edward Berneys and the profession that he had invented -- public relations. Following that election, business people start to get together and start to carry on discussions, and they start talking about the need to carry on ideological warfare on the new deal and to reassert the connectedness between the idea of democracy on the one hand and the idea of privately owned buiness on the other. 0:48:39

  2. and so under the umbrella of an organization that still exists called the national association of manufacturers, whose membership included all of the major corporations of the united states, a campaign is launched explicitly designed to create emotional attachment between the public and big business.

  3. 0:52:22:"[Berneys convinced them that it was impossible to have a democratic society in any society that was not capitalistic. . . it was inferred, but in a way you assumed that democracy and capitalism went together."