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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The State of Education in The US 10/29/11

After thinking about the state of education and its future, I Googled education. I came across some links to different articles and here are their topics.

Access to education, public, private, location, universities, higher learning
Curriculum: sex education
Useless and Useful Degrees
Food in schools
Back to school
Public Intellectuals
Social media and students

After thinking about those topics I think these are the issues our education system is currently facing. 

- Education and wealth
- Sex and America
- Health and schools
- Student relationships
- The value of education in society
- School events
- Student identities, student interactions

It's hard for me to not think about how involved capitalism/business/profit and "American" values are in the current state and future of our education system. I'll think more about this and post later.



  1. Education and wealth: access (public, private), resources (internet, books, tutors), attitudes (highly valued vs. barely valued), time (how much time is available for education)

  2. Sex and America: Traditional vs. Liberal/Progressive. Myth vs. science. Taboo vs. Another part of life

  3. Health and Schools: Poor food vs. nutritious food. Soda in vending machines. Class parties.

  4. Student relationships: Teachers and Students. Students and Students. Students and Parents and Teachers. Teachers and Parents. Staff and Students. Teachers and all members of Staff.

  5. The value of education in society: How teachers value education. How parents value education. How politicians value education. How students value education. What we define education to be.

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  7. School events: Orientation, Dances, Sports, Graduation, Voting for class representative, Club events, Rallies

  8. Student identities: what it means to be a student. What it means to be a jock. What it means to be a geek. What it means to be a female student, male student, transgender student. What it means to have an identity in school.